Chakra Discussions

Utopia: Response to Articles on "sexuality"

by Gaurav Mittal

Posted September 29, 2004

Jnananda das opposes sex not intended for having Krishna conscious children.

There are different degrees of spiritual consciousness. One needs to know one's own platform before one can decide what to follow.

Iskcon people live very contrasting life. For example, their leaders wander around the whole world to help others. Their members organise big programs, they make huge efforts to bring new people to the programs, they go on book distribution to help so called rascals (non devotees) on the roads etc. Still, they fail to follow simple principles of any spiritual path: love, compassion, helping others etc.

Iskcon leaders and also their followers have tremendous time to preach but they do not have time to help innocent children. They fail to follow simple principles to truthfulness because they think that morality is not important for devotees (bhaktas). Bhakti is beyond morality.

Helping others for them means to convert people to become Hare Krishna. Basically, they try to convert people to their own view points and they consider that to be help. Removing physical miseries of other living entities by physical means is not considered important.

Mother Teresa said, "Love and compassion starts from home". It is good to have sex only for procreations. But before following such rules, there are basic principles which one needs to follow: love, compassion, truthfulness, helping people around us financially, emotionally etc. If Iskcon devotees don't follow these simple principles of moriality, then their big talks about celibacy, bhakti etc is useless.