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Reply to Amara das' Article

by Simon Kitty

Posted October 24, 2004

Dear Vaisnavas,

A general reply to the article by Amara das - 3 October 2004

I have read some pretty unusual stuff on chakra, but this was so incredible I just had to answer myself.

To suggest that Srila Prabhupada would change a major definition of following the four regulative principles / sexual morality ... because of worldly social change ... is absolutely untrue & ludicrous.

Prabhupada gave many definitions of a true spiritual master in his books and lectures - and one of the primary characteristics is that a true guru does not change the message to satisfy the ignorant public.

There are many Prabhupada quotes about following the four regulative principals and his view of sexuality - I need not repeat them here. Anybody can read for themselves and know for a certainty that Prabhupada - and also shastra - does not in any place condone homosexual behaviour, rather it is strongly condemned.

Very few living devotees would be on the highest platforms of Prema or Bhava ... but we accept each other as devotees on the basis that we are following the prescribed process of Krishna Consciousness. That is - chanting Hare Krishna & following the four regulative principals.

Those people who aspire to serve guru & Krishna, and yet struggle with homosexual temptation - are certainly worthy to receive our greatest support, acceptance & sensitive encouragement in their sadhana.

Actually we need to practice this more in our temples. This is what would have pleased Prabhupada.

But not at any point should we water down the shastra or pretend that breaking the four regulative principals is acceptable. And it is just plain offensive to put words in Prabhupada's mouth and pretend that he would have ultimately changed his mind.


Bhakta Simon Kitty