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Can we stop talking about other's love life?

by Krsna Avatar

Posted October 21, 2004

I think that ISKCON devotees talk about other people's love life far more than any religion than I have observed. I don't understand it. What does it matter what others do privately? It is between the individuals and Krishna. I'd rather not hear about other's homosexual or heterosexual activities. Why are we so intrusive? Who cares? Are we that bored that this is what we need to talk about? When I read the scriptures, the love life of others is not mentioned much, and to the extent that it is, it is usually in the context of their children. Prabhupada said that sex should be used for procreation, but left it at that, not obsessing over his disciples' love life. I think it is time to leave this subject alone, and talk about more important issues, such as doing away with Ekadasi feasts during big festivals.

Krsna Avatar