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Don't debate it; just do it!

by Jyotirmaya das

Posted October 5, 2004

I don't understand why Amara prabhu keeps posting basically the same messages about how gay marriage should be accepted by society -- both Krishna conscious society and regular society.

I feel that, if any third gender/homosexual devotees (or non-devotees) want to get married and they can find the state/place to do it legally -- then do it! Is he trying to get the "blessings" or "permission" from devotees, and ultimately from Srila Prabhupada, who couldn't relate to it at all?

My advice for anyone who wants to enter into a homosexual marriage is just to do it if they feel it would be beneficial, and not wait for the approval of others. Let others think what they will. Just do what feels right for you, and stop trying to change the minds of devotees and others.