Chakra Discussions

Finding Those We Love And Trust

by Kirk Family, Toronto

Posted November 8, 2005

I am writing in response to Sreeman Venkatesh Raghavan's article (A Dilemna).

We were touched deeply by what appears to be a simple predicament to find oneself in, in a material atmosphere. But the instructions given to this devotee were given by a sannyasi.

When we are dealing with the soul proper and when we hear such instructions, given to a devotee, that is gay or third gender, we weren't surprised. But it cannot go unaddressed. So bravo to you devotee for being brave.

If your friend accepts you for who you are, and also accepts Krishna Consciousness as the absolute truth, equally I'm sure you'll find that she would want to know of the position of the Sannyasi in question, as to his position on the 3rd gender.

Perhaps his ideas on how to deal with your gender have no real basis, as we know quite often the issue of third gender is pushed into background and ignored completely. Other sanyassis have in the past, acknowledged that they themselves were wrong in their prior opinions of homosexuality and that its was simply founded on lack of knowledge and experience in dealing with these devotees.

Perhaps by attending the program you will be a shining example to change his opinion on this matter, while at the same not missing the association of your friends and likeminded devotees.

If the sannyasi in question addresses the topic of 3rd gender, its a great opportunity to address all those attending. To challenge what occurs to be the current mainstream thoughts.

Its difficult when we see things that affect us in this way, and can shake our faith in our leaders, but a quick thought :We have the 3 modes, egos and our karma to deal with, above all this, this process is supposed to be loving and nurturing, at the\ same time it is not without its challenges, and I feel that the pressing issue is that we have to find devotees who make us feel loved and welcome. Who can look beyond the material platform, yet at the same time not neglect that there are special needs for devotees in this situation.

How else will the maha mantra and sankirtana be spread to every town and village? With all the different perspectives, keeping our faith will require our fortune and blessings to be in the hands of a Spiritual Master, a guide and Father, that his only concern is for our spiritual well being, as a loving father would with a child.

Our prayers are with you and all devotees facing challenges, Remember Guru is seated in the heart.