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Heterosexual & Homosexual Vaisnavas
Who Is Sinful? Who are we?

by Prabhupada dasa Adhikari

Posted June 10, 2003

[1] BG 3/16: "My dear Arjuna, a man who does not follow this prescribed Vedic system of sacrifice certainly leads a life of sin, for a person delighting only in the senses lives in vain."

[2] Disciples and followers of His Divine Grace A.C Bhaktivedanta Swami have been instructed to conduct their sexual activities as follows. This applies to heterosexual couples who have been married by prescribed fire sacrifice.

1. Married couples may engage in the procreative act once per month at the time most auspicious for conception.

2. On the day of conception the husband makes an announcement to the community, stating their attempt at procreation and asking for the blessings of the assembled Vaisnavas.

3. Before the procreative act they chant 50 rounds.

[3] Married couples who engage in "recreational sexual intercourse" outside of the above requirments are engaging in illicit sex.

[4] Homosexual couples who engage in "recreational sexual intercourse" are engaged in illicit sex.


[1] If a married couple engage in "sex play" that does not lead to orgasm are they engaged in illicit sex?"

[2] If a homosexual couple engage in "sex play" that does not lead to orgasm are they engaged in illicit sex?"

[3] Does the fire sacrifice establishing an authorized marriage give a couple the right to engage in "sex play" without sinful reactions?

[4] Does the fact that homosexual couples are not married make their "sex play" any more sinful than the "sex play" of married heterosexual couples?

[5] If married heterosexual couples show affection, in public or private, such as holding hands, kissing, and cuddling is this considered appropriate behavior?

[6] If homosexual couples show affection, in public or private, such as holding hands, kissing and cuddling is this considered inappropriate behavior?

[7] The author lives in a city with a huge asian population and sees dozens of school girls walking hand in hand every day. Over the years he has seen countless North American women kiss one another lightly upon meeting and departing. Are these ladies lesbians?

[8] On the other hand the author has rarely seen men holding hands or kissing in public in the West. However, he has seen grown men kiss one another on each cheek and then lightly on the lips when meeting. This is a practice common to men in the Islam culture. Are these men gay?

[9] The author lived in Manhattan for a time and visited the "Village" and there saw men holding hands and kissing when they met one another and departed. Were these men gay?

[10] In that same neighborhood he saw non-asian women holding hands and kissing lightly in the same manner. Were these women lesbian?


[1] The Vaisanva community needs to reach a conclusive point of view on what it considered illicit sex.

[2] It needs to reach a conclusion on what is considered acceptable display of affection, in public and private, for heterosexual and homosexual couples.

[3] It needs to come to a higher understanding that conditioned souls are attracted to one another regardless of what body they happen to occupy. Why is there so much commotion over two men holding hands or kissing lightly in America when it is acceptable in other countries? Why is this acceptable for women in America but not men? Why is it acceptable for humans to love and show affection to their animals, who are of the lower species and unclean, but not humans of the same sex?

[4] The Vaisnava community needs to develop a concise body of social norms based upon a comprehensive Constitution for its own internal identity and integrity and also as a unified presentation in its work of preaching to the non-vaisnava population. The author has asked these questions to hundreds of devotees and the general outcome is that most devotees do not have a clear idea on any of this and there is no cultural norms held in common.

[5] The lack of a Constitution and body of social norms makes the Vaisnava Sampradaya look like a disorganized and unsubstantial minority religious sect as opposed to a fully articulated spiritual civilization. This results in the majority of intelligent and discerning people branding it a religoius cult with nothing of real value to offer to the dominant culture. This is exacerbated by the extensive web presence presenting a high level of quarrel and hypocrisy within the Sampradaya.

[6] How can the Sampradaya purport to be an alternative form of culture when it is, itself, infected and riddled with the same diseases of the dominant mundane culture?

[7] The unfortunate reality is that leadership on all levels have become absorbed in self interested "personal projects" in an attempt to mimic the apparent advancement and independence of the Acarya's. In doing so they have lost sight of the instructions of His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, who is the recentmost Authorized Acarya and only disciple of Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati to understand his vision for the global proliferation of the mission of Lord Caitanya.

[8] The result of the failure of leadership to surrender to and obey the instructions of Srila Prabhupada has resulted in the shattering of the Sampradaya into numerous disparate contentious sects, each one incapable of comprehending and carrying out the non-sectarian truth and vision of the Acarya's.

[9] The leaders of the Gaudiya Vaisnava Sampradaya need to be awakened to the reality that their self interested "personal projects" have left the movement to stray into the forest of illusion with the effect of turning the entire Sampradaya into a mundane religious institution with strong cult leanings.