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Thoughts on GALVA

by Ananta Purusottama

Posted July 29, 2003

Hare Krishna

My personal opinion, well we all carry one type of conditioning or another, but is there really any need to go forming a separate association or group, it tends to make that group stand out more than ever, and is a bit "in your face" sort of action. I know there are devotees who don't feel comfortable around homosexual or lesbian people, and those who are gay should accept that, as much as those of us who are not that way inclined try to accept those that are.

But should we so readily call such an association "such and such vaisnava", association, it tends to belittle what a vaisnava is, after all how many of us are really vaisnava, if we read the writing of Srila Bhaktisiddhanta "What (or who) is a vaisnava, (sorry, I forgot the correct name). Many of us had so many bad habits which we are trying to give up, and many devotees have been successful by strong Krsna consciousness, let's drop this apparent and unnecessary segregation, there are many devotees who are tolerant, and understanding. I used to drink alcohol, if I start it again, should I try to stop, or just form a drunkards vaisnava association, or so many could spring up because of our conditioning. I do understand those who are gay may not practice, well in that case what are they on about, surely that means hey have now transcended such conditioning, in which case all this is much ado about nothing, isn't it?

Let's all try and remember what we have been given (I mean myself as well obviously, as I fall into past bad habits from time to time), but I don't go around advertising and trying force devotees to accept me as I am, and if they don't, try to gather support from those in the same predicament and form an association which is a bit of a statement to say the least.

Why not keep it simple, and stop complicating matters?

Your servant,
Ananta Purusottama das.