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A simple comment on the topic of Homosexuality in ISKCON


Posted January 25, 2005

Please accept my humble obeisances
All glories to Srila Prabhupada

I felt the need to relay a simple story I came to hear of during my stay at a temple in the UK.

A young man, coming to London to start a new life, happened to meet the devotees of Krishna. After sometime and with expert giudance from an elderly Prahupada disciple, he felt inspired to associate with the devotees and moved into the temple. His nature was warm and gentle, submissive and genuinely inquisitive.

A few months on, during a meeting with his authority, he raised an issue which had been on his mind. Being from a traditional Christian background, he was concerned about the clearly apparent lack of compassion and kindness in the interpersonal dealings between devotees. "...but what about the idea of just loving thy neighbour as thyself?" he asked.

The response came loud and clear: "I don't know where you get this rubbish from, I'm not advanced enough yet, but I'm gonna smash this idea!" and as you can imagine he left shortly after to search out that hallucinatory dream where devotees of the Lord are kind to one another.

This same authority, commenting to myself on the disturbance caused by the neighbouring nightclubs, when advized by a Sannyasi that they should distribute prasadam to them instead of taking them to court he said " What? I'm not gonna feed THOSE animals!".

My point in this entire letter is that we seem to forget that we were those animals only a few years ago, before the mercy of Lord Chaitanya came upon us. We were those drugged induced, sex mongering rotten stinking karmis. We seem to become enamoured by our own philosophy and forget the mission to bring the Holy Name of the Lord to the lips of every living entity, no matter what level of spiritual advancement they are currently able to maintain. I too felt the same lack of affection and simple "fellowship" during my attempt to surrender at the temple. I was unable to extend any love to the devotees there, being an intruder in the assembly of saintly persons. But I do have a faint recollection of the all encompassing acceptance I felt from Srila Prabhupada when I first read the Bhagavad Gita.

Having to deal, from a young age, with the fact that my sexual miss-identification was of a perverted kind, needing to be hidden from sight, made my realtionships with my parents, family and friends crippled and disjointed. Prabhupada's books spoke a truth that resonated with the core of my being and I felt I had finally found the home I had been looking for, for so long. I heard in a lecture that homosexual men can never become Krishna conscious, i heard that "we find" in other religions that homosexuality is going on but not in ours. When my fellow bramacaris found out, i was no longer treated with familiarity, but was still expected to perform my service without fail. When I could no longer bear to remain in such a miserable condition and "asked" (?) the permission from the temple president to move to another service elsewhere I was told that it was the interest of the society that counts and not the interrest of the individual. He gave the example of the bundle of twigs. Individually the twigs would break without any effort, but when amalgamated in a bundle, they would be indestructable!

What struck me as obvious, and often overlooked, is that the prerequisite for the bundle to be strong, is that it has to consist of individually sound, whole and strong twigs. No matter how many weak, kinked, crooked and broken twigs one bundles together, indestructability would not be the characteristic of such an assembled bundle.

Certianly this movement is meant for raising us from our conditioned illusions, but also the fact remains that every induvidual is on a different level and if we cannot assist, advise and facilitate every single living entities' progress in Krishna consciousness, but cater only to the cream of the crop, then what is the point. Maby we should start an elite, members only bowling club in the grassy fields of perfected self realized souls and leave the rest to rot.

We should stick a bright yellow sticker on the covers of the Science of Self Realization for our book disributors which reads: "Join our cult, just No Faggot Poofter Benders Please"

Please forgive my offenses,
All glories to Guru and Gauranga.
your servant
fallen soul.