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Regarding homosexuality and Krishna consciousness

by former bhakta Mike

Posted January 17, 2005

I read the first article by Hrdayananda das Goswami and felt good. I felt like somehow the Krishna consciousness movement would learn to move beyond the discrimination and sexism that has plagued it for so long. But, unfortunately I read the later articles by him as well as the discussion on and I am disgusted.

I have walked away from the Krishna consciousness movement because of the discrimination and racism I have found within it. It seems that within ISKCON we find the worst flaws of society - flaws that western society has begun to transcend. We find homophobia, sexism, racism and all manners of perversity. Rather than accepting a person for who they are, it seems that ISKCON is geared to discriminate against everyone for who they are.

My New Years resolution was to leave behind chanting, reading the vedas, and everything associated with the Krishna consciousness movement. Why? Because I want to progress spirituality and I don't believe any movement so engrossed in prejudism contains any path I wish to follow. I wish to learn love of God and I cannot do that unless I first learn to love my neighbor...even if they happen to have a different sexual orientation or sex organ.