re: GALVA Article by Gaurachandra dasi
by Malati dasi
Posted January 1, 2003

Gaurachandra Dasi wrote (of the suicide of a young man in Potomac):

"Who stopped to take the time and ask why he killed himself? Who cared? Who was too busy with their own service? "

My reply:

An entire temple stopped. An entire festival at another temple stopped to mourne. Who cared? Many, many friends, male and female, married and not, cared deeply. Were they "too busy" with their "service?" No, it didn't happen that way from what I saw, heard, and experienced. "Silence" was the real "killer." He had "fallen in love" with a friend, and was unable to say as much since the friend was not of the same discretion. What a painful situation for any conditioned soul, what to speak of one who is sincerely trying to serve the Lord. There is no one to be "blamed" here (that would be too easy) but the unfortunate friction caused by the modes of material nature. (Srila Prabhupada has said that "No one wants a foreset fire, but it occurs.")

From what I have experienced, it is honestly practically impossible for members who are attracted to the same gender to live in an ashram where they are in close quarters with the same sex of their attraction. It is like putting men & women together in the same quarters, an "accident" is bound to occur! Very awkward, difficult. I generally recommend living outside as a realistic alternative, coming as often as possible to the temple (daily if possible) to associate, being free to practice KC where ever and when ever possible.