Chakra Discussions

Inspiration Can Sometimes be Agitating

by Niscala dasi

Posted February 9, 2009

I appreciate very much that Hridayananda Maharaja was prepared to stick his neck out on the issue of how gay people should be treated. His courage, compassion and spiritual vision are very inspiring. I hope and pray that ISKCON will take the guidance, rid itself of small-minded petty hatreds and prejudices, and progress in spiritual vision.

But I don't think we can always expect that good words will not agitate anyone, and it may be a greater austerity of speech to speak what is not appreciated — such as Jesus Christ and so many other great devotees did. I think Krishna means in this respect to not cause unnecessary agitation. Even His own words to Arjuna — advising him to fight — caused Arjuna much agitation. He would have preferred that Krishna just allow him to retire.

Giridhari das is another brave soul prepared to stick his neck out for what is right. He has reasoned well, that there is no proof that gay couples are worse at following principles than straight couples. It is shocking that such valuable services as sastra courses are being prevented by this paranoia.