Response to the article about "Why GALVA?"
by Bhaktin Ayu Dwi
Posted December 12, 2002

I just want to ask you about how the the members of Galva (gay and lesbian vaisnavas) regard the injunction against illicit sex in the 4 regulative principles that we have to follow. My understanding about illicit sex is: all sex performance that not related to the activity for begetting children is illicit sex. Does this mean that the Galva members will celibate for their entire lives, because logically and naturally their sex activity is not for begetting children, but only for sense gratification, and that is against our Krishna Conscious principles.

Our Krishna Consciousness movement is based on parampara system.

Could you give me one example from any spiritual master from our parampara system who gives an explicit approval to build a vaisnava community solely for members of the third sex? Could you give me a previous example of a community like GALVA in our sampradaya?

I would like to tell my opinion regarding the need to build a community only for members of the third sex.

All of our holy scripture is teaching us to not consider that we are the body but the spirit soul, and we should base our thinking and action not from bodily designation. That is why it is wrong for us to think in dualities such as man and woman, white and black, beautiful and ugly, gay/lesbian and straight, because we are a spirit soul and not this body.

I remember, long ago one of my friends asked me what my opinion was, regarding gays and lesbians. My answer was, the difference between gay/lesbian and straight is only their tendencies toward sex. Since in Krishna Consciousness we know that we cannot have sex that is not for begetting children, sex activity for gays/lesbians is forbidden because that will be totally for sense gratification. The gay/lesbian has to take a celibate life for their whole live like the straight who takes this step as a brahmacari or sannyasa. So, in this case, there is no third sex, because for them sex should never (very rare) come to their mind.

Making an exclusive community only makes the difference more apparent -- we have to improve ourselves to the level that we can respect every living being as a spirit soul, not the body. We cannot justify our weakness and find a solution through a certain community, because this will not end only in gay/lesbian Vaisnava community -- Next time we will hear about white Vaisnava community, black Vaisnava community, Asian Vaisnava community, European Vaisnava community, woman Vaisnava community and so on, based on the bodily designation.

I find that trying to understand the glory of our Krishna Consciousness teaching is like swimming to an ocean with no limit. The more I read about our scriptures the more I feel low and fool and dirty about my self. I realize that I am face to face with a knowledge that is so grand and pure, every word and sentence has a very deep meaning and I need my entire life, if not birth after birth to understand and execute it.

Read those scriptures. Srimad Bhagavatam and Bhagavad-gita and other scriptures make us feel low, like a straw in the street, how can we feel so high and look down to others living being?

In my journey in this spiritual life, sometimes I found some obstacle from my fellow Vaisnava, but I don't think too much about that. We know about "vaisnava aparadha", so I choose to let the law of karma to settle my problem regarding dealings with other Vaisnavas. Nature has its own rules in the form of the law of Karma, and I prefer not to directly confront other Vaisnavas as much as possible.

To put Krishna in the center means that we should be busy in our devotional service, execute all of His instructions, including the understanding that we are the spirit soul and not the body. It is wrong to look down on what they call the "third sex," and it is wrong for those who feel that they are the third sex to try to make an exclusive community. If we still feel the differences regarding our body designation, that means that so far we have not yet come to the spiritual platform but are still in the bodily platform. Don't make the excuse that we are still not perfect so we can do whatever we want to accommodate our imperfectness. The scripture is perfect, and our duty is to try very hard to come closer to that perfectness.

When I first knew about this knowledge, the knowledge about His Holy Name, I felt blessed, and I felt that all my misery that will happen in the past, present and future is nothing compared to the treasure that He gave to me. When I feel sad because someone's hurt my feelings, I just close my eyes and chant His Holy Name, take a deep breath, knowing that is my karma to have that experience.

Forgive me if without my knowledge I make an offense to the feet of other Vaisnavas, that is not my intention.

And Govinda, what else that this poor soul can ask other than Your blessings to be always in the company of your devotee, side by side to glorify Your Holy Name.

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna Hare Hare, Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare .

Jaya Hari Nama Sankirtanam.

Thanks for reading this.

Your servant,

(Bhaktin) Ayu Dwi