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Mandala’s New Video Offerings

by Mandala Publishing

Posted September 22, 2003

San Rafael, CA — This week marks the release of ten new videos from Mandala Publishing, all currently available in VHS, PAL and DVD formats. For the first time, devotees across the world can experience the teachings of Swami B. P. Puri through two new video series entitled "Art of Sadhana" and "Puri Darshans." In addition, "Absolute Harmony" presents an encounter with Swami B. R. Sridhar and "Kumbha Mela" documents the world’s largest gathering of humanity on the banks of India’s sacred rivers.

In the Art of Sadhana video series, Swami B. P. Puri draws from scripture — and a lifetime of practical experience — lessons necessary for success in the subtle art of spiritual practice. Filmed on-location in Vrindavan, India during Karttika in 1994, each title includes English subtitles. The Art of Sadhana series contains two parts:

Part 1, The Essence of Srimad Bhagavatam (68 min., $19.95 VHS, $21.95 DVD)

Part 2, The Secret of Chanting the Holy Name (62 min., $19.95VHS, $21.95 DVD)

Buy both and receive a 10% discount!

The Puri Darshans video series includes six informal talks shared with an international group of students at the annual Rathyatra festival. Swami B. P. Puri teaches the importance of closely following the path of bhakti in order to develop a proper conception and realization of the eternal world. The series, complete with English subtitles, includes:

Part 1, Sambandha, Abhideya, Prayojana (A) ($19.95 VHS, $21.95 DVD)

Part 2, Sambandha, Abhideya, Prayojana (B) ($19.95 VHS, $21.95 DVD)

Part 3, First Deserve, Then Desire ($19.95 VHS, $21.95 DVD)

Part 4, Jagannatha’s All-seeing Eyes ($19.95 VHS, $21.95 DVD)

Part 5, Pitfalls on the Path of Devotion ($19.95 VHS, $21.95 DVD)

Part 6, Developing the Eye of Love ($19.95 VHS, $21.95 DVD)

Buy 5 and get 1 free!

Absolute Harmony (53 min., Eng. subtitles, $19.95 VHS, $21.95 DVD)

In Swami B. G. Narasingha’s documentation of the 2001 Kumbha Mela, pilgrims form a veritable river of humanity that flows onto the banks of the Ganges at Allahabad to celebrate the greatest spiritual festival ever held. This most extraordinary event occurs only once every 12 years. Kumbha Mela vividly documents the story of the largest gathering of people on earth at any one time!

Kumbha Mela, (42 min., $24.95 VHS, $29.95 DVD)

To purchase any of the above videos or related products, call 800.688.2218, or visit Mandala Publishing online, at