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Unfortunate BBT Book Surprise

by Suresh das

Posted June 5, 2008

I recently bought 10 copies of "Sri Isopanisad" from the free Sastra Dana bookrack at ISKCON Laguna Beach Temple. What I do is take a stack, whenever I go to the temple, make a donation in the box on the rack, and then distribute the books at my local yoga studio.

Unfortunately, when I opened one of the "Sri Isopanisad", it had the word "Bullshit!" stamped in big red block letters on many of the pages throughout the entire book.

Hopefully, this is just an isolated incident, but my gut feeling tells me that some envious group of people is taking our books from the various devotee book racks, stamping them, and then returning them back into the racks for distribution.

I suggest devotees check their books before they give them out or distribute them. Keep an eye out and check the books on your racks once in a while to see if it is happening in your area too.