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ITV Copyright infringement

by Gaurangi dasi

Posted July 30, 2005

I refer to the article posted by Bhakta Jim (16 July). I do agree that one must be consistent when asking others to apply a principle. Practice what we preach. What confuses me is the lack of cultural development and support of devotee artists. While there is precious little we can do about the past except learn from it, there is lots we can do about the future. We should be developing a network, where the vast talent of the regular body of devotees now goes under-utilized, as an international society we should have no need to 'steal'. There seems to be neglect of promotion of the talented, in favour of the high profile devotees' productions (which unfortunately often lack talent). What chance does Bhakta Joe Soap stand of competing in this relatively small market, with Maha-Popular-and-Saintly-but-Talentless-Guru-So-and-So?

Except for a few exceptions, there appears to be very little creative or original material available at a reasonable price. Sure, sales are also for profit, but much merchandise is outside the reach of the ordinary devotee. Who are these products for? The aspiring and devoted I hope. Let's try to enable devotees access to them.

Gaurangi dasi
South Africa