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Thank You, BBT

by Rama devi dasi

Posted July 5, 2008

I felt very compelled to write in, just to say, how relieved I feel after reading the BBT's decision regarding annotating Srila Prabupada's books. I am still relatively a new devotee, not even ten years yet, and I felt very nervous and confused about the idea of annotating Prabhupada's books. I very much appreciate and feel very thankful, for the decision that the BBT has made and for the clear, concise wording, and it seems that all areas of questioning have been covered. The BBT took a very strong position and they also took into account other things which had not occurred to me, such as, the delegation of responsibilities for guiding the devotees. I feel very honored and humbled to be a part of Srila Prabupada's movement, and to be able to have this opportunity to be under the good guidance of the BBT, protecting and publishing Srila Prabupada's books for all of the world,as well as the GBC for their leadership, and also to be able to share in the association and mercy of so many senior Vaisnavas. The decision that the BBT had made sets a precedent for the future of ISKCON in such a way as to remain true to Srila Prabupada's vision, to his words, and to all of the work that he did.