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BBT's Documentation Project Will Help Concerned Readers

by Kelilalita dasi

Posted January 29, 2006

Dear Pranada prabhu,

Thank you for taking the time to respond to my concerns. After all is said and done, I disagree with you in principle in changing the books at all except for grammatical and spelling mistakes. I looked at the changes in a comparison at Many of the changes, in my opinion, were more than just spelling and grammar. One small example:why change "Vedic scriptures" to "Vedic literatures"? This subtly changes the meaning. From the changes that I saw on this website, many affect the meaning. I feel this requires a "revised edition" entry on the title page. Devotees are not getting the original edition.

I always felt that if it appeared that there were glaring discrepancies with Prabhupada's transcription tape and the book, later editions could list these in footnotes, or a section at the end of the book.This would also give the reader an exact notation as to where the discrepancy could be found.

Prabhupada personally read the original books, gave class from these books, and asked his disciples to distribute these books.Taking the liberty to change his books, to feel that we can make them "better", is, I think, unwarranted.You feel these changes please Srila Prabhupada; I feel these changes would displease him -- it's a matter of our own realization.I say better to leave his books alone, as none of us is qualified to "improve" on what he originally gave us.

For myself and many others, Prabhupada's original versions have a potency that just isn't there in the new ones. To each his own.

I am grateful that you will be documenting all the changes.

Yours in the service of Srila Prabhupada,
Kelilalita d.d.