Caruhasa and Prabhupada
by Caruhasa
Posted January 2, 2003

Dear Chakra Readers,

Please accept my humble obeisances. Some of your readers have made comments about the Ramayan and my letters from his Divine Grace. The letters were sent to me in San Francisco when I was deep in my services to Krsna. I was young and had dreams of making a movie or someone in Hollywood would of Vedic subject matter. I told his Grace in a letter that I was sending a set of Krsna books to the famous producer Ray Harryhausen who did Clash of the Titans, Golden Voyage of Sinbad and many great classic films in the stop motion effects work. This makes the creatures and things interact with the live actors and make the stories real to the viewers. Prabhupada wrote back the letters that people seem to quote but he did write back to try and work with the famous Hare Krsna film maker Yadubara Das.

Some years later I did try to work with him on the movie at our offices at Sony Studios when I invited him there during our preproduction on Ramayan the movie. We were trying to make a 30 million dollar movie with Steven Segal and it fell thru and never got made. I went to the producers and asked for a little money to make the one I finally made in India. After I got the letters from his Grace I gave up on the idea and just went out on book distribution for years. Then when I worked for the BBT and did book paintings for 7 years in Los Angeles and had done the ceiling paintings as well . I went to Prabhupada one day in Los Angeles when he was having a meeting with Yadabara's wife about some art she was doing, and the GBC were in the room as well. I had done a film of some effects work to show his Grace on a film projector that I had. I was out side the door of his room when he called me in to set up the film for his viewing and all the people that were there. I was happy that he was finally going to talk to me face to face about the movie preaching work. He told me to sit right next to him because of the room filled to the brim with devotees, there were no more seats. I was so happy to sit next to my spiritual Master that I almost fainted. Prabhupada was so nice to me I good not hold back the tears and sat next to him on the corner of his seat. Then I put the projector in front and showed everyone the film on the walls in his LA room. The film was made up of my stop motion work on a Nrsinghadeva film and some clips from Harryhausen films. After the show he was happy with the presentation and asked me how they did it , and when I told him he said he thought that all Vedic story matter would look good in this media.Some of the devotees said to his Grace that Hollywood only wants to do stories with sex and violence. But Prabhupada said "yes there is all that in Krsna stories". He then told me if I could not convince Hollywood to do them then do the movies my self, and then when they are successful they will want to do them to. I never talked to Prabhupada again about the matter ,then he passed away shortly after that.

Krsna and my Spiritual Master have helped me all the time I was trying to raise money and help. Even when some devotees seem to want more from helping me then service . I had people help me all over the world with time and money some people never asked for anything than the success of the preaching. The actors in the film were under paid and all the crews . This movie is a joint effort of many hundreds of artist and is not my movie but everyone who loves Rama. People have criticize and loved my movie but more people in Hollywood know about Rama and my spiritual teacher now than ever. I talked to all the Stars and producers about my movie everyday. And Ray Harryhausen said that he was proud of me to try something so big and finally get it distributed. He said many people try to make movies with millions of dollars but never get them finished.

The Ramayan the Supreme Adventure is a work in progress and that's why it keeps growing and growing. It will go now into CGI work using the software from "Lord of the Rings " which will give major production value to sets, actors, action,epic battles etc. The new scenes will shock everyone who has criticized the movie thus far. The scenes will add a hour to the film which will be reedited and turned in to a 35mm print which will get a première in Hollywood and at all the film festivals around the world. And what Prabhupada said those faithful days in his room about this preaching will finally come to past.

With Regards,