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Janaka was a willing participant in Ramayana movie

by Caruhasa das

Posted February 13, 2005

I would like to respond to the statements made by Janaka Stagnaro. With respect, I do not believe I had to twist his arm to get his help for the Ramayana movie project. Janaka prabhu left when we had nice offices at Sony Pictures and when Steven Seagal was going to play Rama. I feel betrayed by my lawyer and producers who did not believe in the project as I did; I left the studio before it all fell apart.

I went back to the project after other participants had taken a lot of money from the original backer, my rich Indian Doctor friend, who nevertheless continued backing me with the film. By then, however, Janaka was not able to return to the film project.

I would like to say yes, I'm still at it, because I want to please Lord Rama and my spiritual master Srila Prabhupada.

My tricks were for the purpose of letting everyone know about the Lord. I wrote a review about my own movie -- why not? As a movie reviewer, a senior entertainment journalist for many publications for ten years, I had the right to do so. I use both my names -- John Breathwaite and Caruhasa -- in my articles, published by India Journal and New Africa Magazine, with a a worldwide readership of over one million. In addition, I do a review show on Channel 41 (Pax TV).

I have shown my movie and reviewed it on my own show with other Hollywood films. Writing highly of myself is only telling my qualifications in reviewing the film, so that readers would appreciate my statements in regard to the review.