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Ordering Mulaprakriti prabhu's book

by Bhakta Eric

Posted February 11, 2005

Hare Krishna! It's Eric from Sit Properly. I recently got the book Our Srila Prabhupada: a friend to all and it's amazing. You simply have to get a copy. I got it from Sadly, it's on back order, but there is a waiting list on which you can enter your email address to be notified when it is reprinted. They only printed 3,000 of them, so hopefully will be able to get more. Hope this helps a little.

Editor's note: We thank Bhakta Eric for this reference. Two other devotees also recommended the LoiBazaar site. In addition, we would like to mention that Madhusudan das also sent a note on the availability of Mulaprakriti prabhu's book: "As far as I know, Krishna Culture should be getting a shipment of these books soon. They're supposed to be on their way from India."