by Caruhasa
Posted December 9, 2002

Director: Caruhasa Das
Cast: Jeff Rector, Chandini, James Hong, Steve Williams

The U.S. premiere of this beautiful original movie was in Hollywood with more than 300 people trying to get into the screening and party at the famous Directors Guild of America was the place to be. The stars arrived to the excited and anxious crowd of devoted fans of Ramayana, waiting at the entrance to the Directors Guild. The Stars were Gordon Hessler (Golden Voyage of Sinbad), the guest of honor, Caruhasa ( the director producer), John Philipp Law(Barbarella), ,Jeff Rector (Star Trek), Chandini( Money Talks), James Hong(Blade Runner), Steven Williams (X-Files), Ryan Arjun V. Daluvoy (executive producer). Many other celebrities were also there from Hollywood. Gordon Hessler, the guest of honor, gave a nice speech in support of the film. He said that the film is a great way to tell families in the west the famous story. Caruhasa, the director said that, "My inspiration to make this movie is from my guru A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabupada, and my life in the ashram and painting for his books for ten years."

"I was inspired by the multiracial cast in the Peter Brooks version of the Mahabharata, it was the time of all races and people even from other planets coming together in the world. Prabupada told me once in his room at New Dwarka Los Angeles that if big film producers see that Vedic subject matter is entertaining then all of the industry will want to make these films in Hollywood, he said you go make a film and then they will!" Caruhasa said, " It has taken ten long years to make this film and shooting from around the world, and actors from Hollywood and around the globe." The film is like a kaleidoscope in which every viewer can see the base story but can see it with a different aspect to it.

Comparing to the Wizard of OZ, Lord of the Rings, Aladdin, Robin Hood and stage plays like Peter Pan, Jesus Christ Superstar, and TV shows like Hercules and Xena also come into mind when you watch this production. Ray Harryhausen, the famous producer of such great films like Clash of the Titians and Jason and the Argonaughts, with their different creatures and special effects, remind us of the film. In The Supreme Adventure Ramayan, the viewer may see a kaleiescope of different aspects, such as the mystical, the legendary, the sci-fi, and childs entertainment. It is a love story, a struggle between good and evil, it will take the viewer to another time and dimension, and is truly an archetypal template for stories of today.

International stars old and new have leant their talents because they believed in the message conveyed in this story. They feel that it will educate a multi-cultural audience, who is used to seeing Xena and Star Wars to the Indian culture, philosophy, and ancient phenomena of reincarnation and God. Caruhasa the director has researched for 20 years all the films subject matter. Like the evidence of UFO's and ancient flying aircrafts which are found in the Ramayana and more detailed in the Vimanyka Shastra text. During the heyday of Rama and Atlantis both the Ramayana and Lemurian Fellowship had advanced civilizations, they had devoloped advanced technology, which they shared between themselves and the rest of the world. Sometimes the demons would use this technology for war advantages.

Not only did they useaircraft such as Vimanas and vailxi (as the Atlantean craft was called) ,they had weapons such as fireballs that could destroy a whole city "which could burn fifty thousand men to ashes." "Kapilla's Glance" was the name of the weapon. Demons and Monkeys used in the Ramayana battle what ever they could, sticks, stones, golden clubs, and hijacked demon Vimanas.

The movie that is out on video by Light Works entertainment is an original stylistic way to the story. Through research the movie has shown subject matter you will not see in any other Hindu or otherwise production of the story. Hollywood effects people have never created effects for such an exotic story or setting in this genre before. Cyberview studios who have worked on countless films such as Star Trek, Babylon 5, Mortal Combat, Independence Day, Star Wars etc. were excited to be involved in this pioneering work, are now hard at work on Ramayan the Supreme Adventure Directors cut .

Which will have the whole movie redone with CGI, sets, Vinmanas,demons , Monkeys, three arm dancers, a big battle between Rama and Ravana, and all new editing and music. This version will be seen only in theatres.

With Regards, Caruhasa