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'Bee Season' Worth Seeing

by Amara dasa

Posted December 10, 2005

I finally got a chance to see the movie "Bee Season" yesterday and enjoyed it very much. It was refreshing to see a film that focused on God and spirituality, and which portrayed the devotees and Hare Krishna fairly. There was one really nice kirtana scene at the temple that made me wish I was there chanting with the devotees!

Max Minghella (son of Anthony Minghella, who directed "The Talented Mr. Ripley) does an excellent job of playing the young, teenaged son (Aaron) who becomes interested in Hare Krishna when his family slowly unravels. He meets a pretty Hare Krishna girl (played by Kate Bosworth, from the Hawaii-filmed "Blue Crush") who gives him a book, teaches him to chant, and brings him to the temple (he has to sneak away from his parents for the weekend). Aaron's character is genuinely interested in spirituality and this is evident in several scenes where he is found secretly chanting on his beads at home. Many of you may quickly identify with this character--I know I did!

The spiritual focus of this film will probably guarantee that it won't become a blockbuster, nor popular with mainstream Christian audiences, but I bet it will be well received among the Jewish community (it centers on Jewish mysticism and Kabbalah) as well as anyone interested in alternative spirituality. The central theme seems to be (at least to me, and this is one of those movies that can probably be interpreted variously) that God is simultaneously both universal order and chaos, and that sometimes He likes to shake things up a bit--just for the fun of it!

Aaron's sister, the young girl whom the movie focuses on as the spelling bee's star contestant, demonstrates this idea in the surprise ending of the film. Like her entire family, she is fascinated with the idea of finding God and comes dangerously close to meeting her objective at one point in the movie.

Kudos and obeisances to the devotees who helped with the "Bee Season" production. It is definitely the most positive and fair portrayal of the Hare Krishna movement I've seen to date in the mainstream cinema, and this coming at a time when we are barely even mentioned or noticed anymore. I'm sure Srila Prabhupada would be very pleased