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More on banning books

by Nrsimhananda dasa

Posted August 21, 2003

With all due respect to HH Bhakti Caru's Swami's sentiment re the signing of a petition to get a book withdrawn from circulation, I find that idea frightful. Someday it may happen to Srila Prabhupada's books.

I thought that the process of distributing KC was to flood the world with transcendental literatures, debate and defeat the materialists' arguments, provide positive alternatives to the scientific materialism that pervades the consciousness of the people in general, and to provide massive prasadam to everyone along with the Holy Name.

If Lord Caitanya did not ban the mayavadi literature, then are we so empowered that we can ban a book. It seems to me that the publication of such a nonsense book is a wonderful preaching opportunity. I'm sure there must be something else that I don't understand - because I don't understand how we can "ban" thought. I am really curious if there is a good argument for the idea of our banning other literatures except by our individually choosing not to read them. Any light on this subject would be helpful.

Nrsimhananda dasa