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Chakra Mission Statement and Editorial Policy

While Chakra has sometimes appeared to be an official website of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness or ISKCON's Governing Body Commission, our editorial policy remains independent. We, the editors, consider ourselves ISKCON-friendly, but Chakra, as an open forum for variegated ideas and opinions, is not formally or directly affiliated with either ISKCON or the GBC.

In the spirit of free and open discussion amongst devotees, we publish articles embracing a spectrum of devotional views; our articles do not necessarily represent the position of the editors. Opinions expressed are those of the author(s), and well-reasoned rebuttals free of personal attack are welcome; we will not normally accept anonymous articles.

To serve the purport of bhakti-vedanta, we wish simultaneously to encourage the growth of devotion, to foster critical thinking through realized intellect, and to promote nurturing, emotionally whole relations within families, in schools, among ashram devotees, and in guru-disciple dealings. Although differences of opinion will occur, we aim to provide a forum for mutual respect and reconciliation among the multiple strands of the Vaishnava community as well as an instrument of interfaith outreach.

We will not knowingly publish, or allow to stand unchallenged, any material which exalts one group of Vaishnavas above another on the basis of parampara or on the basis of a temporary bodily condition -- whether race, gender, orientation, marital status, age, disability or so-called caste by birth. We declare our respect for Sri Sri Radha-Krsna, for our param-gurus, for His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, for our various diksha- and siksha-gurus, for each other and for all living entities; this respect is never commanded or required, but is always a free-will offering based on love.

All glories to Sri Guru and Gauranga!