Chakra Living

Vaisnava Alphabet

by Hare Krsna dasi

Posted January 18, 2010

My daughter Maharani (the artist) and I have formatted the text to my Vaishnava Alphabet and laid it out into a book. Her drawing of Lord Nrsimhadeva and Pralad graces the cover, but all the inside pages are blank so that children (or inspired adults) can draw their own pictures to illustrate verses for the different letters of the alphabet. We’re publishing this with our tiny little Ox Cart Press here in Topsham, Maine, but the book is free to all. Just print out the PDF and complete it with your drawings. Or use it as a scrap book and paste in pictures from old BBT calendars, etc.

The focus is on personalities from the Bhagavatam and the Chaitanya Charitamrta, so we decided to have more than one page for some letters. That way we could include verses for all ten Avatars of Krishna – and we did not have to make a choice between Lord Varaha and Lord Vamanadeva, for example. Thus, there are 41 pages in the book.

As we enter the Vaishnava holiday season, maybe gurukula children would like to select some of the different pages to illustrate, so they can display them for Lord Nityananda’s Appearance Day or Gaura Purnima. Guests would certainly enjoy seeing an art exhibit like that!