Chakra Living

Sri Damodara

by Rocanadeva dasa

Posted August 28, 2009

My name is Rocanadeva and I finished this piece of Lord Sri Krsna Sri Damodar in Denver CO. in 1995 which I had begun in San Diego While I was serving at Back to Godhead magazine in 1990.

Sri Damodara is done in Colored Pencils, I tried as much as possible to keep the original intent intact of the traditonal Indian style of the artwork I worked from and it seems to have the mood and feeling of early ISKON art. When I mention this to by freinds they say "Purity is the force prabhu".

I really like the way I did the yogurt pots with the detail. I used silver ink on Sri Damodara's peacock feather.

Sri Damodara bleses my web site at Click Here and I wrote a little poem to go along with it.