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The Passing Away of Devaki Mayi

by Marici das

Posted November 9, 2010

Few hours ago our dear Devaki Mayi left her body during the auspicious month of Damodar at 8pm in Guayaquil-Equador on 5th November. At that time in India was 6:30am the time when devotees/sadhus do meditation and chant auspicious mantras and that particular day the whole of India was getting ready to celebrate one of the most important days know as the festival of lights or Dipavali. This festival also represents the way we need to clean our hearts to be able to receive our eternal father Sri Krishna in the same way the inhabitants of Ayodhya cleaned, decorated and illuminated the whole of the city of Ayodhya to receive Lord Ramachandra.

It is something incredible how this little Vaishnavi Devaki Mayi with just 20 years and with such a simple, beautiful and kind personality united in prayers devotees from every corner of the world. She left us so many good spiritual teachings and remembrances. Yesterday in Mayapur was announced about Devaki before the evening Puja to Lord Damodar and all Dham Vasis offered their lamps and kept her in their prayers, In Malaysia where I am at the moment devotees sang bhajams for her, even someone from a Royal Family asked me for her photo and prayed for her, the ambassador of Venezuela called me few time asking for her, Prabhupada disciples Amogha prabhu and my parents, to mention just a few of so many people around the world who showed their love and support for Devaki and her family.

At the moment Devaki was leaving her body she was surrendered by devotees who were singing mantras to her, including her parents, in-laws, husband and someone very special, her own Spiritual Master Srila Jayapataka Swami who with the help of a mobile phone was also singing for her next to her ear. What auspicious way to leave the body! It was a mixture sadness but also a lot of joy because we know she is going back home back to Goaded.

My condolences especially to Guru Maharaja, her parents Kanu Pandit Prabhu and Isarani Devi Dasi, her husband Ekanath prabhu, brother in-law Manohar Shyam prabhu and in-laws Maha Bhagavati Devi Dasi and husband and all friends and family.

I also want to take this opportunity to approach the community of friends who can send Little economic contribution to Ekanath prabhu because this unexpected incident generated expenses of about $20,000 and I think if we all contribute a little we can give him this practical support which is much needed.

The bank account for any contribution please send directly to prabhu Ekanath (

Account No.: 005508365006 CHECKING ACCOUNT
Swift code: BOFAUS3N

Any donation is welcome and if you send it, please let me know or let Ekanath prabhu know so we can ensure the donation reach into the account.

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