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Information Needed On Recently Departed Balarama Dasa

by Stritama dasi

Posted November 6, 2009

I am writing this article to not only inform the devotees of the passing away of Balarama dasa ACBSP disciple from Detroit Michigan here in Hawaii about a month ago, but to inquire if anyone has knowledge of his family and any contact information.

I received a call from the County Coroner's office stating that he had passed away and they called us since he had an ISKCON Honolulu card in his wallet. They were hoping we had information about his family in Detroit so that they could claim the body. I was not told what he died of, but I was told his body would be sent to a funeral home and cremated and that only his family could claim his ashes.

Balarama had a black body and had been to the temple several months before to do some service and attend the Sunday feast. I only spoke with him briefly having not seen him in years since I had been on the Big Island for the last 17. He was known to have some problems with intoxication and I was told they found his body in a car.

If anyone out there has any information please contact the Honolulu County Coroners office or myself at