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Sri Padmanabhaji´s Departure

by Antaryami Krishna dasa

Posted March 10, 2010

Today I was blessed to witness a ceremony held in a very loving and familiar atmosphere saying farewell to Srila Padmanbha Prabhuji.

His wife Madanalasa and his good friend Amara Prabhu Dasan have told me that he has passed away in an extremely peaceful and spiritual way, hearing the Lords Names and being encouraged to move on by his beloved wife, although the situation was extremely difficult for her she has found the strength and love to tell him that it is the best for him. She said that one could see that he moved to the spiritual sphere. When we have seen his material body afterwards in the cemetery we could feel bodily that he has left for the spiritual world his body looked extremely peaceful and effulgent. A small ceremony was then held and his wife and good friends spoke of their experiences with this great soul. Soft Bhajans and prayers where sung afterwards and when everything was "over" no one wanted to leave. It was a very spiritual happy and at the same time sad moment because we all realized that a true devotee devotee has left us and that we all will miss him but he will always remain within our hearts.

many of you might remember him as a dedicated pujari and a excellent astrologer, he was also a loving husband a loving father and to many of us a spiritual friend, teacher and example. With his wonderful talks on Rama Lila he would mesmerize all devotees who would listen for hours and hours never getting tired of sharing this wonderful nectar with others.

Sri Padmanabha Prabhuji ki Jay!