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Rush to Judgment On David Carradine

by Nrsimhananda das (ITV)

Posted June 7, 2009

Please do not buy into all the media frenzy swirling around the departure of David Carradine. Especially, do not make any assumptions about him, his life, or his destination.

David spent occassional time with me at the Pyramid House. At first, he was reluctant to enter the house. We would meet outside. Gradually, he became comfortable enough to come in and hang out in the presence of Sri Sri Gaura Nitai. He would sit and soulfully sing his original compositions on my couch. He expressed his quest for spirituality especially in his songs which are less familiar to the general public. We shared prasadam, philosophy, music, and silence on a number of occasions. I have a profound friendship with one of his family members, so I know the man from those he loves also.

To the generation of American devotees who grew up on a steady diet of the television series, "Kung Fu," I'm sure you have a soft place in your heart for David. His portrayal of a Shaolin master transplanted into the lawless territory of the "Old West" was probably the first "eastern" influence in our lives. Please think kindly of this multi-talented seeker and send him your prayers.