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Passing Away of Little Krishna Das

by Danakeli dasi

Posted July 12, 2009

On Monday, June 29, 2009 the Chicago Hare Krishna community experienced the loss of one of its young members. Krishna das, son of Vaishnava Sevananda das and Kirtida Kanyaka devi dasi, passed away peacefully in his home while the Hare Krishna mantra was being chanted.

Born on December 25, 2004, Krishna das spent his 4 ½ years being almost as mischievous as his namesake. Yet he had a serious side when it came to Krishna consciousness. His favorite game was "Krishna Land," in which the winner is he who gets back to Godhead first, and Krishna das always won. He was fond of play-fighting and was quite adept at playing on his drum set and electric keyboard. His favorite music was that of the devotee band "108."

A Vaishnava is defined as "one who reminds others of Krishna." Krishna das constantly did this, because when others would meet him, just by hearing his name, they would immediately be reminded of Krishna or would have to inquire as to what or who Krishna was.

Just a couple of weeks before his passing away, Krishna das was diagnosed as having an incurable cancer throughout his body. After returning home from the hospital, he said, "I just want to go home." When he was told, "You are in your home," Krishna das clarified, "No, I mean back to Godhead." Lord Krishna promises in the Bhagavad-gita to protect His devotees and to carry them to His own abode. True to His word, Krishna arranged that Krishna das' final days were relatively pain-free as he was lovingly cared for by his parents in a room filled with chanting and auspicious pictures and items.

It may seem unreasonable by material calculations for one so young to meet with death, but the devotee community is convinced that this soul just had a little bit of karma to burn off before returning to his eternal home. In true Vaishnava spirit, little Krishna das left this world, after living a life free from sinful activity, with his mind simply surrounded with Krishna consciousness. Certainly credit goes to his parents, who are known to the devotee community as wonderful and generous persons always eager to render service and who tirelessly worked to instill these qualities in their son. And that, of course, is the perfection of parenthood-to assist a child in the perfection of his own life, namely, going back home, back to Godhead.