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Please Pray for Rasa

by Rasajna devi (Andrea Sittler)

Posted December 21, 2009

[The Chakra editorial board has learned that Rasajna devi (Andrea Sittler) is in a weak state, suffering from end-stage cancer. She has approved the posting of her letter below, which she recently sent to her friends]

"Dearest Friends, Family and Beloved Ones,

"I first want to express my deep gratitude for the outpouring of love and support through calls, emails, gifts and cards that I have received from so many of you around the planet. You have touched my soul and have given me strength to know how much I am loved! I am very sorry that I have not been able to talk to or see more of you personally, but I feel your support.

"At this time I ask that your prayers be focused on helping me to have faith, courage and experience the highest Prema Bhakti. As you pray for me, I invite you to allow the power of divine prayer into your hearts as well and let your path be enlightened through the medium of prayer and devotional Kirtan.

"My mother and brother are arriving from Germany on Tuesday (12/22), and I am blessed to have time to share love with them. My energy is very limited, so I will not be able to see anyone else during this time, but please know that your love is felt and appreciated. Thank you for understanding.

"May Lord Caitanya continue to dance in my heart, and may Krisnaâ™s flute bring sweetness to my ears."