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Ganga Prabhu's Departure

by Parasurama das

Posted April 25, 2009

Ganga Prabhu left his body today Friday 24 April 2009, in Belfast hospital surrounded by chanting devotees.

Ganga joined the Dublin temple in 1983. Ganga was older than us - at 45 he was more than double our ages as we were still teenagers or in our early twenties with practically no worldly talents and Ganga gave us kids a bit more stability. Although older and "German", Ganga adopted well to Krishna consciousness. It was hard to find a photograph of him as he was always in the background doing administration or fixing machines that us kids would break.

We moved from our farm community in Cork and purchased an island, which is our present temple for Sri Sri Radha Govinda. Ganga would take care of the boats. One day he said to me in a strong German accent "I picked up two really good whores today" I was surprised "really brahmacaris are not supposed to do that". After about 10 minutes of intense conversation I realized he meant "oars" for the boat. Ganga was a lovely devotee and we wish him well.

I remember Ganga jumping into the lake in the freezing winter time to look for bunch of keys that one of us kids had droped. Another time he had to laugh when one of "us kids" forget to put the handbreak on the car while it was parked on the harbour. We thought the car was stolen until we noticed the vehicle's roof a few feet below the surface of the water.

Ganga had a great sense of humour so I'm sure he would not mind me telling these funny stories.

Your servant
Parasurama das