Chakra Announcements

22 Karat Solid Gold Narayana Murti

by Vrindavan das (Victor Epand)

Posted September 27, 2010

September 19, 2010 was Vyanjuli Maha Dvadasi here in New Delhi, India, and I took the opportunity to establish a new Khumba with 22 karat solid gold form of Narayana Murti inside. Joining me for the whole day were 2 Brahmans from Bhubaneswar, Orissa, one of whom was very fluent at chanting Sanskrit mantras and in performing the necessary rituals. First we performed abhiseka and purification of the murti outside of Khumba. A Sarvatobhadra Mandala was drawn using a bed of grains and colored powders. Offerings were made to the fire yajna along with mantras.

Later, the murti was placed inside a jeweled vessel and covered by a copper vessel filled with wheat, covered by a cloth, and tied with a flower garland (the Khumba). After performing worship, arotik, offerings, and keeping Vigil at night in front of the Khumba, the entire Khumba with murti inside along with offerings and gifts will be donated to my initiating ISKCON Guru, H. H. Bir Krishna dasa Goswami.

Here are some details about Narayana Murti:

Narayana -murti the second of the Vyhantara who emanated from Para-Vasudeva is glowing like a dark blue cloud. His countenance is benign (saumya). He wears yellow silk garments (pitambara); and gem studded gold ornaments.

His ayudhas are: padma (URH); gada (ULH); chakra (LLH); and shankha (LRH). His Shakthi is Vagisvari.

He is the Lord of Pushya month.

He is invoked in the lower abdomen (centre) of the devotee.

His flag bears the emblem of the great Eagle (Mahat Garuda Ketana).