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Against All Odds

by Dvija Priya Dasi

Posted September 10, 2010

The forecast said, heavy thunderstorms as it had for the last three weeks or so, but that didn't stop the Rath cart team from getting an early start on their way to the festival site. Then without warning disaster struck. The truck began overheating and completely shut down. Dharmaraj called Dharmatma who has a similar truck and he was on his way in a few minutes to the rescue.

They finally arrived at the beach two and a half hours late so there was no time to waste. But then another calamity. The truck and Jagannath's cart sunk in the soft sand and wouldn't move. The Lord was testing their resolve. Within a few minutes they gathered 6-8 sunbathers who proceeded to push the cart free and on it's way to the starting point.

The race to prepare the carts began. Dharmaraja, Nitai Prana, Jagannatha, Balarama, Narottama, along with, Mahabuddhi, Dharmatma, Kalindi and Pranaya Keli prabhus worked feverishly, while Radha Kunda, Parijata, Akuti, Laksmimoni and other mataji's began the decorating.

Finally, with everything ready, Bhadra prabhu began the pujas and our patrons, friends and supporters made their offerings to Their Lordships Jagannath, Balaram and Subhadra and the procession began to the sounds of, " Jaya Jagannath" "Jaya Jagannath".

Ecstatic Kirtan rang out amidst the dancing and jubilant devotee and bystanders smiled, waved and joined the celebration by pulling the carts and dancing along for the next two hours until Splash Park was reached. There a wonderful feast, cooked by Sunanda prabhu, was served to everyone by our Indian patrons and friends .

Against all odds this festival was another success thanks to Bhadra and Dharmaraj prabhus and their determined helpers. That they continue on with this wonderful service despite so many difficulties and very little support is a testament to their determination to please Srila Prabhupada. They organize and fully fund every festival, many times digging deep in their own pockets to pay for the prasadam, flowers, permits and so many other expenses.

If you feel inspired by this wonderful service please show your gratitude by words of encouragement to them and if possible give a donation, no matter how large or small, so they can continue to bring Lord Jagannath's mercy to everyone. Lord Jagannath Ki Jaya!

17413 NW175TH AVE.
ALACHUA, FL. 32615