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Celebrating Radhasthami

by Bhakta Kaplish, ISKCON Ludhiana

Posted September 1, 2009

Radha Ashtmi festival was celebrated at ISKCON, Ludhiana with great devotions and enthusiasm .The festival started with very melodious kirtan recited by temple devotees. During recitation of kirtan there was Abhishek by devotees of the temple. Devotees were on fasting till noon and some kept Nirjla (not even water) fasting. . Local resident bring Chhapan Bhoga to offer to Srimati Radharani. On this auspicious occasion HG Rajsuya das, Temple President, in his lecture said that Srimati Radharani is the Supreme Goddess.

She is most always seen with Lord Krishna. It is described that She is the Chief Associate and devotee of Lord Krishna, and top most of all Goddesses. Her name means the She is the most excellent worshipper of Lord Krsna. His Grace further told that Srimati Radharani is the eternal consort of Lord Krsna and the embodiment of His Hladini potency. The festival was attended by a large number of people. Later after aarti Krishna Prasadam was distributed among the people.