Chakra Announcements

Paksa Vardhini Maha Dvadasi

by Vrindavan dasa (Victor Epand)

Posted October 27, 2010

In October 2010, I gained the assistance of 1 Maharaj and 1 Brahman devotee to assist in establishing a 22 karat solid gold Madhava Murti inside Khumba during Paksa Vardhini Maha Dvadasi.

The Madhava murti is made of 31 grams of solid 22 karat gold, and cost $1600.

After purifying the murti, abhiseka, arotik, fire yajna and offerings, the golden murti was placed inside a jewelled Khumba along with an authentic ruby, sapphire, pearl, diamond, and gold.

I kept Vigil at night in front of the Khumba, and the next morning the entire Khumba with murti inside (as advised by scripture) was donated to my initiating ISKCON Guru, H. H. Bir Krishna dasa Goswami.

Madhava-Murti the third among the Vyuhantara who emanated from Para-Vasudeva shines like blue-lotus (nilothphala). His dress is multicolored and is adorned with garlands of many hues. He looks magnificent like a full blossomed lotus.

His ayudhas are: chakra (URH); shankha (ULH); padma (LLH); and gada (LRH).

His Shakthi is Kanthi.

He is Lord of Magha month.

He is invoked in the chest of the devotee.

His flag bears the emblem of the great Eagle (Mahat Garuda Ketana).