Chakra Announcements

Narasimha Caturdasi 2009

by Vedanta Krt, Arjunjya Gopi, Antaryami Krsna, Narasimha Priya and Amaraprabhu dasa

Posted May 1, 2009

On the auspicious day of the Lords Appearance day, 7 of May 2009, we celebrate a special function for the pleasure of the Lord and his Devotees at the Narasimha Ksetra Temple in Germany.

We have arranged for a 32 Maha Kalasha Abhisheka, and you and your whole family can also take part and be blessed by the function. In those 32 Copper Pots, specially carved and engraved with the name of the function (Narasimha Caturdasi 2009 Germany), 32 different forms of Lord Narasimha are installed, properly worshipped and then be used in the Maha Abhisheka. If you want to sponsor one of those pots, your name (or any person of your choice) will be included in the Vow (Sankalpa), and after this function you will get your own Kalasha Copper Pot from this Abhisheka, to remember this special function. The good donation would be 108 , but if you are unable to do this you can sponsor any amount, and still get the blessing of the 32 Maha Abhisheka Function (and also get your own Kalasha / Copperpot). You can use this Copper pot for your own worship afterwards. Please contact if you feel inspired to support and write to:

May Lord Narasimha grant all of us his special mercy.
the Narasimha Seva Team, Germany