Chakra Announcements

First Annual Ratha Yatra in Harrisburg, PA

by Pariksit Dasa

Posted June 6, 2009

On behalf of the Institute of Higher Understanding (IoHU) management team for Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, I would like to request that the following ad and attached flyer be posted ASAP at your web site. The ad is about the first ever Ratha Yatra Festival in the city. Lord Jagannatha has been kind enough to allow the city officials to grant permission for this Ratha Yatra to take place as part of a city-wide festival (Harrisburg's Annual American Musicfest) held annually at River Front Park, Front Street, Harrisburg, PA. Please post the ad and flyer at your earliest convenience although we urge that you do it soon since the festival is only one month away. For any questions or correspondence, please contact Vijay Prabhu at (717) 495-4679, or Padmanadh Dasa, aka Prashant Patel, at (717) 791-9138.