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Sri Sri Krishna Balarama Ratha Yatra and Sri Balarama Purnima

by ISKCON Queens, New York

Posted July 29, 2009

Sri Sri Krishna Balarama Ratha Yatra (August 2), and Sri Balarama Purnima (August 5) 2009, Queens, New York

Ever since Their August 2006 installation in Queens, NY, Sri Sri Krishna Balarama (Sri Sri Hari Haladhari) has showered unlimited blessings upon the devotees who have been serving them, as well as the thousands of guests who have had Their darshan. Attesting to this fact has been the precipitous growth of the weekly temple congregation and our guest database in the last three years. This small and fast growing Sri Sri Krishna Balarama Mandir , have been visited many senior travelling preachers among whom , have been Jayapataka, Satsvarupa, Trivikrama , Danavir, Guru Prasad, Bhakti Vasudev, Bhakti Sundar, Romapada, Chandra Sekhara , and Purusatraya swamis; other recognized visitors have been Ravindra Svarupa, Prabhupada Das, Bushara, Yagya Purusha, Samika Rishi, Yogeshwar, and Vrndavan Chandra Prabhus.

Discontented with only having a few thousand people come to Them, Sri Sri Hari Haladhari will mount Their chariots, and go out to parade in the streets of South Richmond Hill, NY on August 2, 2009; this Sri Sri Krishna Balarama Ratha Yatra parade will begin from 1:00 p.m. at the corner Liberty Avenue& 133 Street (S. Richmond Hill), and proceed to the Sri Sri Krishna Balarama Mandir (111-14 101 Avenue, South Richmond Hill, NY). The parade entourage is expected to be accompanied by thousands of merry making guests, including groups from some 30 local Hindu temples, "fired up" devotees and kirtanyas, and distinguished attendees from foreign missions, and local political divisions. At the end of the parade, the street in front of Their Lordships residence will be blocked off to host an outdoor stage festival with bhajans, kirtans, devotional dramas and dances, presentations, free Krishna prasadam, and special entertainment for children.

The festival mood will continue on Monday 3, Tuesday 4, and culminate on Wednesday August 5(Balarama Purnima) with a Maha Abhisek of Lord Balarama, and an evening of kirtan, bhajans, lecture, and entertainment. Distinguished speakers expected to attend are HH Navayogendra Swami (Monday3), and HH Chandra Sekhara Swami (Tuesday 4).

A special invitation is being extended to the devotees, and kirtan wallahs on the NE coast. For any further information, and pledging of your support please contact HG Sunanda Das (917-604-1085), or Haraka das (347-617-8581).