Chakra Announcements

Lord Balarama's Appearance Day

by Bhakta Kaplish

Posted August 9, 2009

Lord Balram Jayanti (Appearance Day of Lord Balaram) festival was celebrated at Sri Jagananth Temple run by International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) at Ludhiana with great enthusiasm. The festival starts at 11AM with abhishek (Bathing ceremony) of Lord Balaram. Special Lecture by His grace Rajasuya das prabhu,Temple President on the topic of Lord Balaram's pastime made this event a true remembrance. Speaking on this occasion His Grace said that this will be great day to contemplate His Glories. Among others who were present in kirtana were HG Narhari dasa, HG Narad Prabhu HG Rakshanath das.

Chhapan Bhoga was offered to Their Lordship. A large number of congregations attend this grand festival. After aarti, prashadam was distributed to the people.