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Sri Krishna Janmastami Festival

by Murari Sevaka Farm, ISKCON Mandir

Posted August 4, 2009

The appearance day of Lord Krishna
Murari Sevaka farm-iskcon mandir
Saturday August 22nd, 2009


5:00am Homa Fire sacrifice Ahuti; 108 names of Lord Krishna

3:00pm bhajans- Devotional songs Featuring Bengali Kirtan

4:00pm Abhiseka Bathing ceremony

4:30pm Krishna katha lecture

5:30pm jhulan yatra Swing festival and Bengali Bhajans

Everyone is welcome to Swing Lord Krishna!

6:00pm maha aratic

6:30pm prasadam feast Free multi-course Vegetarian dinner

Sponsors and volunteers welcome!!

For more information contact Rama or Murli at
931-759-6888 / e-mail:
532 Murari Lane, Mulberry, TN 37359

Support this uplifting festival!

Support this uplifting festival!!!


Saturday, August 22nd, 2009

Sponsors of $108 or more will receive a unique, beautiful, gold plated flute, (maha prasadam) from to the Deity of Lord Krishna at the ISKCON Krishna Balarama Temple in Vrindavan, India


Homa-Fire Sacrifice $151

Abhiseka-Bathing Ceremony $201

Janmastami outfit $501

Flowers $201

Jewelry $108

Flower Garlands $125

Prasadam Feast $401

Other $___

For those sponsors who are unable to attend the festival, your name will be read out loud to Their Lordships.

Contact Rama or Murli at (931)759-6888 or e-mail us at