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Krishna Culture Festival Tour North America 2009

by Manu dasa & Jaya Radhe devi dasi, volunteers for ISKCON Youth Ministry

Posted April 16, 2009

Travel 18,000 miles across the USA and Canada for two months of Krishna conscious festivals, chanting, dancing, feasting. From 24-hour Kirtans in New Vrindavan to Los Angeles Kulimela, Ratha-yatras in Detroit, Chicago, Washington DC, Montreal, Toronto, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Vancouver ... and Krishna Culture Festivals at university auditoriums and theatres in New Jersey, Boston, Ottawa, Thunder Bay, Minneapolis, Salt Lake City, San Diego, Portland, Seattle, Calgary, Winnipeg... a youth Japa Retreat in Sharanagati, plus camping, swimming, hiking, canyoneering, rafting, visiting National Parks, in the association of 50 devotee youth from around the world.

If you're a youth between ages 16 and 25, or young at heart, take a look at this spiritual adventure of a lifetime, the ultimate road trip across North America in two buses with bunk beds, showers, kitchen, festival tour deities.

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On behalf of the festival tour team of volunteers,

Manu dasa & Jaya Radhe devi dasi
volunteers for ISKCON Youth Ministry