Chakra Announcements

LA Devotee in Urgent Need of Housing

by Bhaktin Sara

Posted September 28, 2009

A devotee in Los Angeles is struggling right now and could use some assistance. Her husband passed away two years ago, soon after which she had an accident involving both her legs, leaving her unable to walk. Currently she can only walk short distances using her walker.

She has been evicted from her apartment and has to be out by the last day in September. She currently has very little money and little physical mobility due to her current situation with injured legs. She has applied for various government programs for financial help and should be getting enough money to get her own apartment by the beginning of next year. Until then, she cannot afford an apartment, and has no place yet to go as of September 30th.

Any help that can be offered would be great including but not limited to:

Mostly she needs a place to stay and help with the move. This is a scary and difficult time for her. She has been living in this devotee community for many years and is hoping to not have to live in a shelter away from kirtana, prasadam, Deities, devotees, etc. This could happen to any of us - we are hoping that devotees will chip in somehow or other to offer support to those in need of help who have come to Krishna and to devotee communities for spiritual shelter, care, and support. We outreach a lot to people inviting them to come to the temple, but this will be a time and opportunity to care for someone who has already come and wants to stay.

If you have any ideas of how to help, please call her directly at (310) 800-8755 Her name is Gaurangi