Chakra Announcements

Bhima With His Saviours at the Ranch

by Cidanandas

Posted September 5, 2009

We are pleased to announce that Bhima,the ox,after an appeal on your website,was successfully saved from his terrible destiny-slaughter-after having served his master for 10 yrs.

Thanks to donors,who responded rapidly,we managed to buy him back,and engage him in the service of the Lord,pulling a decorated cart for pada-yatra.He is now very popular when seen in the streets,as he is the only ox on the island to do such service.

When devotees respond to a dangerous situation of a sacred animal,it is same as offering 1000 cows in donation to brahmanas.

However, at the ranch, we saw many more cows/bulls [some are Brahma breed, same as Surabhi, Vaikuntha] awaiting for their terrible destiny, for the muslim festival soon. The sacrifice will be held on the streets, in front of children!

Pictures at FLICKR:

Plse contact me if you wish to contribute for their salvation.