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Vaishnava TV Series Needs Sponsors

by Bhargava das (ACBS 1971)

Posted November 15, 2009

A television series on Vaishnavism is nearing completion. Faces of God is a privately owned and funded cultural series intended to show the people of India practicing Vaishnavism. Twelve half-hour episodes include two hours on Sri Vishnu, one on Sri Rama and three on Sri Krishna. Also included is a short segment on Lord Shiva, Ganesh and Devi. The series journeys to the holy places, festivals and miraculous happenings connected to these forms.

The shooting and editing are now finished. Music is still needed, possibly a new narrator, sound sweetening and formatting for cable, satellite and broadcast. Estimated costs are about $10,000.

More important to the success of the project is the need for corporate sponsors, as a series this long on this subject needs to be subsidized in order to get a carrier like Discovery Channel or National Geographic to supply suficient time slots for broadcasting it. This is an especially great opportunity for successful Indian corporate owners and executives to give something spiritual and valuable from their ancient wisdom culture to a world that needs it.

On the academic side Garuda das prabhu has consented to help with the project. This is a project that Srila Prabhupada approved of and contributed ideas to. Sripada Cheena Jeer, one of the main acharyas from the Sri Sampradaya, has also endorsed the project, along with the prestigious Hindu America Foundation.

Although it is not a direct ISKCON project, a number of prominent devotees have financially contributed to the project, including Gopal Krishna Swami, Bhakti Charu Swami, Radhanath Swami, Gopal Bhatta prabhu, Druta Karma das prabhu, Muralivadana das prabhu, Nistrigunya das prabhu, Drupadi dasi prabhu, Kalpalatika dasi prabhu and others. Additional funding is still needed, and if anyone can contribute it would be a great opportunity for service to a non-political devotional project that all the different Vaishnava groups could benefit from.

As mentioned, I also am looking for contributions of soft tabla and mellow sitar music that can be used behind the narration, as well as separate flute tracks and anything instrumental for background music (mellow on the drums).

For those that do not know me, I have been a disciple of Srila Prabhupada since 1971. I was an ISKCON Press BBT photographer from 1970 till 1980, and many of my photos have appeared in Back to Godhead. Most of the Holy Place photographs that are in the Caitanya-Caritamrita were taken by me. I also documented Srila Prabhupad during his travels through Europe, Africa, the U.S. and India. Most recently over 70 of the photographs used in the India book written by Satyaraj and published by the BBT were taken by me.

Inquiries can be made to Bhargava das at Nitaimedia, P.O. Box 126, Culver City, California 90232; e-mail at My phone number is 818-921-0134.