Chakra Announcements

Eco-Village and CSA Farm at New Talavan

by Bhakta BC

Posted June 17, 2010

A group of devotees is forming at ISKCON New Talavan in Carriere, MS to create a eco-village on 35 acres (14 hectares) of fertile rural land leased from the temple. They are currently running a 1.5-acre (0.6 ha) organic vegetable farm for the devotee neighborhood as a community-supported agricultural (CSA) operation and hope to expand this effort through the eco-village.

We believe New Talavan has the most potential for this type of development in the USA, with a huge amount of acreage, plenty of water and pasture for cows, year-round growing seasons and all-flat, fertile land ideal for agriculture.

Devotees are now living on the 35-acre parcel, which includes 25 acres (10 ha) of pasture and a 1-acre (0.4 ha) spring-fed pond. With dairy cows, honeybees and hundreds of fruit-bearing trees, New Talavan will also be growing wheat this winter.

We are looking for interested and inspired devotees who wish to help develop this exciting viable project here at New Talavan. We have the land, we are already farming and are 50 percent self-sufficient for food and dairy. We have the vision and know-how; we just need people here to help out and also take on leadership roles.

We have viable business proposals, have made deals with devotee-run businesses for bulk produce sales and have created a farmers market here. We actually know how to farm and are doing it. We just need you to come and join, or spend some time in volunteer service.

Other details: We have mild winters, with temperatures ranging from the 40s (F.) at night through the 60s by day. (5 C. to 16 C.) Detailed month-by-month climate info is at We have a beautiful temple with amazing and merciful deities of Radha Radha Kanta and Gaura Nitai — and Prabhupada came here in 1975. We will soon be building some natural dwellings and starting further agricultural projects.

E-mail us for more info: newtalavanfarms at Thank you and Hare Krsna.