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Shelter Needed

by Abhay Caran Dasa

Posted July 14, 2010

I am a husband of a wonderful devoted mother of my 2 precious vaisnavis that needs to reach the hearts of those who can help my small family in Australia. My wife and my 2 little girls;7 and 3 that are 2nd and 3rd generation devotees need help. Situated close to the gold coast. Currently they are in need for shelter for the next 4 weeks until I can arrive and provide for them properly.

We have an income stream, in our budget between $200 and $300 we can afford weekly, the problem seems to be housing there, not to forget the cost of living but the issue is shelter. My family is good standing. we are in the mood of service and more service. They are all very sweet.

I am falling at all your feet to humbly ask for help and shelter for these special souls .

We are then off back to India for a 5 year stay then an additional 5 years there after for my girls to finish their schooling in Mayapur .

Your eternally aspiring servant,

Abhay Caran Dasa