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Tuition Sponsor Wanted

by Dhanaya Gouranga Das & Mangala Malati Dasi

Posted July 1, 2009

We are the parents of Krishna Priya Dasi, age 4½ years, writin with a request for anyone who might be interested in kindly sponsoring her tuition at the ISKCON school in Mayapur. She joined Pre-School in last year, now in August this year she will be in Reception were the school fees are 20,000/- rupees a year.

We havebeen doing service 12 years in the temple.right now we don't have any service in temple and house to stay. We rent outside. We have a small business (Xerox machine & color photo studio) somehow we try to make about five thousand rupees in a month. With that we pay rent, electricity, milk, gas, and maintained our family. So it's not possible for us to pay 20,000/- rupees for her school fees a year. Not only have that as she goes up to other class the school fees is more.

We like this school very much it has good education, Shastra, English, and very good behavior, also good teachers are there. Mangala Malati studied in this school now our son Abhimanyu going to this school, he has sponsor. We want our daughter to stay and study in this school. But now school fees are too high for us to pay.

We would be so very grateful to anyone who could do this kind help for Krishna Priya. Sorry to say it is our bad situation we don't have enough and it is very hard for us to manage.

We hope you accept our request and give us reply soon as possible before August. Our phone number 09002221412/ .09749213207 or email Click Here for a photo.

Hope to hear from you.

Your servants,

Dhanya Gouranga Das
Mangala Malati Dasi