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Sign Petition to Save Vrindavana

by Jagadananda Prabhu

Posted January 4, 2010

Dear Readers,


The following was written by Jagadananda Prabhu concerning the Indian Governments latest idea to spoil the landscape of Vrindavana by building a flyover at Keshi Ghat:

So here is the sum and substance: All this preaching has increased the attraction of Vrindavan to people from every corner of the planet. But this has not just had the positive effect of making more Vaishnavas, it has also resulted in so much pressure on Vrindavan's infrastructure that it has made this project necessary in the eyes of the government.

Since we have all helped contribute to the problem, we must now participate in finding solutions. That begins with stopping the bridge, by making the government officials aware that any solution must be based on an awareness of the sacred character of Braj.

So all Vaishnava leaders: Put your weight behind this effort, please. Rally the troops: Have petition signing marathons, letter-writing parties. Have people coming to the temples sign the petition and send emails. Print out the emails and snail mail addresses with a sample letter and give them to everyone.

Our goal is 100,000 signatures by Jan. 10. You are all very good at this, bhaktas, so please do it.

Jai Radhe!

Please sign the following Petition and send to your friends –

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